Imagine getting married to your icon, but in the cremony your old icon gets up from their seat and yells that they love you and don’t want you to marry anybody else. Your current icon tells them, with the same expresion as they are now, that you are theirs and now your old icon can’t have you back.

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isuzu-ringo asked: Assumption: Jello wants to come cuddle with Isu and her new sebby pillow.

ヾ(´・∀・)ノ Jello is all about cuddling with friends and pillows!

20th Apr 2014
lunatic-charm asked: Orange, Grapes, blueberry

AISHA I WANT THESE THINGS TOO yes hello let us chat more and do this getting to know each other thing you seem so cool and interesting

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isuzu-ringo asked: Assumption: Jello wants to play the pocky game with Isu.


I don’t like pocky

20th Apr 2014

How to Play: message me with an assumption that you make about me and I will reply to it with whether it is true or false 

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streikoneko asked: Also, blueberry

Blueberry - You’re amazing.

No you are precious Nekomaou

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